SAFETRACK™ highway maintenance products

Extending the service life of high traffic roads

Superior performance.

Stirling Lloyd, now GCP Applied Technologies, pioneered the innovative SAFETRACK highway maintenance range, delivering high quality in-situ performance with a long service life for a wide range of highway repair and protection applications.


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SAFETRACK™ RMP 100 is a cold, liquid applied, self–consolidating , flexible roadway reinstatement system based on Stirling Lloyd's (now part of GCP Applied Technologies) unique ESSELAC™ resin technology.

Key Benefits
  • Rapid cure
  • Cold applied, no hot trades
  • Free flowing and self-consolidating – no compaction required
Application Type

The SAFETRACK range of highway maintenance products comprises of industry leading surface treatments, including high friction surfacing, skid resistant colored surfacing and cold plastic line striping. For asphalt repair and protection, there is an extensive range of SAFETRACK crack and joint repair solutions for asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

Developed to reduce the need for routine maintenance interventions and maximize the service life of road surfaces, these high performance products provide first time, rapid repair and reinstatement with long service life, even on the world’s busiest roads.

Based on unique ESSELAC cold resin technology, the SAFETRACK products also reduce risks to operatives during installation since no hot trades are involved and rapid application reduces workforce time on the road. The rapid cure of all systems also minimizes road closure times with systems ready for traffic in less than one hour, even overnight and in the winter.



Product Listing

  • SAFETRACK HW: Long lasting, high friction surfacing with the highest rating for wear resistance. A cold liquid applied, rapid cure system consisting of a tough resin binder and complete overscatter with bauxite, SAFETRACK HW has been designed to reduce skidding risks and braking distances in safety critical areas such as approaches to road junctions, traffic circles, deceleration areas, on and off ramps, fast bends, accident prevention and other traffic calming measures.
  • SAFETRACK CT: Skid-resistant, colored surfacing for in-highway cycle lane demarcation. SAFETRACK CT provides exceptional durability, bright color demarcation and good skid resistance to meet the demands of heavily trafficked environments such as cycle routes, bus lanes, and other traffic demarcation applications.
  • SAFETRACK SC: Slip-resistant surfacing system is available in a range of vibrant colors for highly visible, UV stable surface demarcation. SAFETRACK SC is available with a choice of two encapsulated aggregates for skid resistance and can be applied to both asphalt and concrete. It is the ideal coating for a variety of trafficked and pedestrian areas, including retail parking lots, cycle routes, walkways, parking bays and for refreshing faded thermoplastics.
  • SAFETRACK LM: Exceptionally hardwearing and cost-effective cold-applied line striping systems, offering long-term durability and reflective bead retention, significantly extending the period between maintenance interventions. The SAFETRACK LM system offers the ability to design line striping to fit a specific solution, even in the most heavily trafficked environments with minimal degradation. The system includes solid line striping that provides significant improvements in adhesion and wear resistance compared to conventional line striping systems.
  • SAFETRACK overbanding: For crack and seam overbanding with non-reflective, skid resistant finish that extends the life of the asphalt pavement. This is a permanent, first time reinstatement designed to reduce water ingress into the asphalt and degradation of cracks and seams. Quick and simple application with a fast return to service minimizes road closure times and future maintenance.
  • SAFETRACK crack infill: Cracks and fretted joint infill systems to prevent water ingress, restore the road surface profile and provide a long-term skid resistant surface. Ideal for the infill and sealing of open joints in asphalt, SAFETRACK crack infill is designed to prevent further deterioration and extend the service life of the road surface. Its fast curing abilities allows a 30-minute return to service, reducing disruption to road users.
  • SAFETRACK inlaid road repair: Sealing system for the reinstatement of wide cracks and slots in road surfaces. This system is rut resistant and suitable for wider repairs in asphalt roads. It provides a low profile, skid resistant, hard wearing finish. It can be used to reinstate slots cut in asphalt roads to install cables and ducts.

Product Advantages

  • Cold-applied, fast curing systems for fast and effective long-term road repairs
  • For crack and seam repair, protecting asphalt from degradation from water ingress while providing long-term skid resistance and restoring surface profile for better ride quality
  • Available in HM (High Modulus) grade for optimum resistance to rutting and wear, and F (Flexible) grade where movement is likely
  • Minimal preparation needed
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast curing, enables 30-minute return to service
  • Available for application by hand tools or by machine to suit the job site
  • Available in asphalt grey or neutral (for concrete applications)