SENTINEL® expansion joints

A comprehensive solution for waterproofing and movement joint schemes

Innovative and cost-effective solution for expansion joints

Used in conjunction with our innovative waterproof membranes, the SENTINEL® range provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for combined waterproofing and movement joint schemes. All SENTINEL® systems provide a long life expansion joint solution, and utilize innovative fast curing materials to minimize bridge closure time.



  • SENTINEL® B: Buried joint for use under continuous asphalt surfacing, incorporating a proprietary PVC flashing strip designed for horizontal movements in the range of 0 – 20mm. SENTINEL® B is bonded across the expansion gap and is compatible with the ELIMINATOR® waterproofing system to form a continuous waterproofing detail below the asphalt surfacing.
  • SENTINEL® EMR: An elastomeric seal in metal rails type joint, SENTINEL® EMR is a surface mounted mechanical bridge expansion joint. It is designed for high wear situations on new and refurbishment projects. It is available with a range of load bearing seals to accommodate varied movement and gap widths, up to 150mm of horizontal movement.
  • SENTINEL® NJ: A nosing joint designed for small movements in high load and high wear situations such as highway bridges, footbridges, parking lots and building applications. SENTINEL® NJ is surface mounted, comprising a central preformed load bearing compression seal, bonded between high strength elastomeric nosings.
  • Reinforced elastomeric bridge expansion joint system for horizontal movements of up to 350mm and highly resilient expansion joints that can accommodate a wide range of movements (up to 350mm), including complex movements where there are components of horizontal, vertical and lateral movement available upon request.


Product advantages

  • Provides a complete waterproofing solution compatible with the ELIMINATOR®, INTEGRITANK®, DECSEAL® AND SAFETRACK® systems for areas where expansion joints are required
  • A full range of horizontal and vertical joints available
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and oils
  • A range of buried and surface-mounted joints to meet the requirements of the project