VERIFI® Quality − A complete software suite

Reduce cost while increasing concrete quality

No more spreadsheets. Enter your concrete mix data into the VERIFI® Quality platform and let the software compile it.

The VERIFI® Quality software suite computes information on materials management, mix designs, production analysis, plant optimization and submittals for quicker, more precise, more reliable results that concrete producers can act upon in real time. No need to analyze your concrete data through disparate documents and multiple applications. Do it in a single source.


Never before has there been this level of visibility into your concrete production.

You'll experience unparalleled access into your concrete data, from a single source, to make valuable inferences on your concrete production that answer key business questions, such as:

  • How can we ensure batch modifications are accurately made?
  • What are my most used mix designs?
  • Which materials have we over batched this month/year?
  • What is my profit margin across customers? 
  • What is the percentage of mix designs that meet or exceed industry tolerances?

The sky's the limit when you have all of your concrete data recorded on the VERIFI® Quality platform.

Further functionality

  • Monitor materials and costs from suppliers
  • Integrate materials with mix designs to track modifications and test results
  • Track results by plant, project, customer, etc.
  • Generate submittals with all supporting documents in a single PDF
  • Integrate with key Batch and Dispatch suppliers for real-time ticket processing
  • Track issues in real time with alerting
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) to import break results, material information and manual data into the database 
  • Close the loop with advanced statistical analysis and test result reporting

VERIFI® Quality, plainly put, is a smarter way to manage your concrete.

Complement VERIFI® Quality with the VERIFI® In-transit Concrete Management System for a comprehensive view of your entire concrete operation. By compiling the complete data, from batching to delivery to curing, you'll possess the ability to continually optimize and refine your concrete production process.

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