Quality product and innovative technologies provide winning solutions

Many world-famous sports facilities rely on our premium products to enhance structural performance and ensure many years of uninterrupted service. We have participated in the construction of a wide variety of sports complexes and stadiums: football, baseball, hockey, cricket, judo, swimming, golf, car, motorcycle and horse racing, to name a few.

Architects, designers and contractors choose us to solve their complicated problems — from providing structural durability and improving the aesthetic appeal of concrete structures to waterproofing below-grade building components to providing air, water and moisture protection to walls and roofs and fire protection for structural steel elements of the building.

When it comes to waterproofing, it's game, set and match at a premiere tennis facility in New Zealand

The ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland began a major overhaul in 2010. The project included building a gymnasium, spa and sauna room, conference rooms, cafés and an outdoor terrace dining area.

The trickiest part of the project was building rooftop tennis courts over the fancy new gym. The specs called for a fully waterproofed slab underneath the playing surfaces of the courts. The goal? No leaks or internal staining.

That's why the contractors used our Bituthene® waterproofing membrane under all the new courts, including the ones on the roof. Composed of high performance film and specially formulated adhesive this tough membrane is puncture-, moisture- and water-resistant. It's the ideal solution for concrete decks, with excellent waterproofing properties and resistance to the elements.

We put the spotlight on waterproofing during Wembley construction

Springsteen has played there. And Beyoncé. It has hosted Olympic events as well as countless sporting matches. Welcome to London's famed Wembley Stadium.

During construction, the facility needed high-grade waterproofing for the basement area and retaining walls because of the high-voltage electrical transformers and heating that were to be installed.

We were able to offer a thorough waterproofing system that included our:

  • Technical design service

  • On-site technical support

  • Bituthene® and Preprufe® solutions

Our system has held up just fine through the hundreds of concerts and sporting events that have happened at Wembley since 2007.

Irish stadium doubles up on solutions to protect essential infrastructure

Dublin's Aviva Stadium is the home of Irish national rugby and the Republic of Ireland national football team.

During construction, a black concrete with an exposed aggregate finish was needed for an external podium deck. The original plan was to cover the deck with black tarmacadam. Contractors, though, were concerned that the hot tarmac would melt the plastic pipes of our Hydroduct® Drainage System.

The solution was to use our TC3 Exposed Aggregate System. It enabled the production of a black concrete that had a similar appearance and texture to tarmacadam. Yet, it posed no threat to the integrity of the drainage system.

Since opening in May 2010, Aviva Stadium has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

When looking to defend your building against the impact of a fire, you want Monokote® on your team

What do the Atlanta Braves, Sacramento Kings, Edmonton Oilers and New York Giants have in common beyond being professional sports teams?  

They all are playing in arenas that protected by Monokote® fireproofing products. Like any great sports team, Monokote® provides a great defense. Monokote® defends the steel from the penetrating heat of a fire.

The thermal performance of Monokote® has been tested and certified by agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, Intertek Testing Services, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) and Efectis.  

Monokote® fireproofing products are the most tested spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) in the world.

Airport Construction Projects

The International Air Transport Association projects the number of people flying to almost double to 7.2 billion passengers by 2035. We've played a role in many airport construction projects that will help move all those people. Fireproofing, concrete and waterproofing are as important to airport construction as runways, terminals, parking structures, tarmac paving and radars. We furnish multiple solutions to many airport construction projects.

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Arts & Education Projects

We enjoy working on most any building project. But to help create a space where beautiful music will be played or priceless artwork will be displayed is especially satisfying. We provide art museums, concert halls and university facilities around the world with waterproofing, concrete products and other structural solutions.

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Civil Tunneling Projects

Some of the most amazing construction projects are the ones you never see. Even so, we love being a part of them. See how we provide a range of solutions for civil tunneling projects worldwide. We provide advanced, efficient and reliable ground support solutions for some of the most complex construction projects in the world. We provide a range of solutions including waterproofing, fire protection, concrete and injection materials for civil tunneling projects worldwide.

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Commercial Building Projects

From big buildings to modest ones, from skyscrapers to smaller shops, constructing commercial buildings is an amazing accomplishment. We deliver what you need to do it right. From waterproofing to fireproofing to concrete technology to roofing underlayments, we have what you need to construct durable, sustainable, beautiful commercial buildings.


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Energy & Industrial Facilities Projects

Energy and industry: They're the foundation of the global economy. Which means building these facilities to last is essential. Our experience spans manufacturing facilities, recycling, sustainability and more. We're proud to provide concrete technology, waterproofing products and dozens of other infrastructure solutions to energy and industrial clients. Our experience spans manufacturing facilities, recycling, sustainability and more.

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Infrastructure Projects

Most people don't give it a second thought. But we do. Whether it's tunnels, canals or bridges, infrastructure represents a significant number of projects we have assisted our customers to bring to fruition using our solutions. Whether its tunnels, canals or bridges, infrastructure represents a significant number of projects we have assisted our customers to bring to fruition using our fire protection, waterproofing, precast concrete and innovative cement additive solutions.

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Mass Transit Projects

From San Francisco to Seoul, London to Qatar, Saudi Arabia to Shanghai, we help mass transit projects stay dry, remain structurally sound, finish on time and get people moving. We love every part of big transportation infrastructure projects, whether it's waterproofing, concrete admixtures, grouts or fire protection. From San Francisco to Seoul, we help mass transit projects stay dry and remain structurally sound.


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Residential Building Projects

We don't just work on skyscrapers and tunnels; we also provide weather barrier solutions to protect homes against rain, snow, cold, heat and more. Our roofing underlayment, flashing and weather barrier solutions help architects, contractors and homeowners protect homes against rain, snow, cold, heat and more.

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Underground Mining Projects

We've helped mining contractors around the world on some incredible projects. Top mining companies rely on the TYTRO® shotcrete system in their global underground operations. We help mining operations reduce installed costs and optimize mix designs in mining projects.

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