Masonry Technology - DRY-BLOCK® System
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​​​​​​​​Masonry Technology

RsbgSchool2.jpg GCP Applied Technologies has been a pioneer the development of innovative technologies and value-added products for the concrete industry, to improve the quality, strength, durability and appearance of concrete.

Widely known for its DRY-BLOCK® System of integral water repellents for architectural masonry block construction, GCP offers a comprehensive line of products for the dry-cast concrete and manufactured stone veneer industries. The products include efflorescence control admixtures that enhance the aesthetic appeal of concrete products, as well as plasticizers, accelerators and strength enhancers to improve overall product quality and enhance production.

GCP products are specified by architects and engineers, and are used by contractors, precast and block producers to build and protect concrete masonry structures around the world.

Grace-branded documents

The familiar Grace brand will continue to appear on GCP documents until we complete our rebranding.  Until then, Grace-branded documents are accurate representations of GCP Applied Technologies products.