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GCP Applied Technologies provides a full line of innovative products and technologies for the precast / prestressed concrete industry. GCP portfolio includes chemical admixtures, fibers, and unique technologies such as AIRtrac ™ that enhance aesthetics, quality, and durability, while improving efficiency.

For an overview of admixtures used in the precast/prestressed concrete industry download the Precast Product Portfolio

The GCP Air Management System

Air in concrete is effected by dozens of factors from temperature to mixing time. Air in concrete also influences many plastic and hardened properties from slump/slump flow to strength. Hence, managing air in concrete is critical, but can also be challenging until now. The GCP Air Management System provides precasters with insight into the mixing process and allows for greater understanding and improved efficiency and process improvement.

AIRtrac ™ is a system that measures the temperature and total air content of concrete in real time while mixing. When combined with ADVA Cast 585, which is high-range water reducing admixture that is a specially formulated to produce a consistent air void system, makes for the ultimate air management system.