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Help homeowners reduce their annual heating and cooling costs when you use  Vycor® enV-S™ Self-Ahered Weather Resistive Barrier.


Grace Residential Weather Barrier Product Catalog​ ​

GCP Residential Weather Barriers Product Catalog


Waterproofing and Weather Barriers 

Extreme weather is the new normal, so "building as usual" is no longer an option. Every home must be constructed to withstand wind-driven rain, snow, ice and everything else that Mother Nature brings. Therefore, it is critical to make sure a home is waterproofed, especially during initial construction. GCP Applied Technologies has a vas​t portfoli​​​​​​​o of waterproofing and weather barriers that will bring you the peace of mind knowing that your home and valuables are safe, dry and protected.

GCP provides multiple waterproofing and weather barrier products to fully protect a home. From the roof to the basement, each area needs to be waterproofed and protected. We have a wide variety of roofing underlayments that can be used for all types of roofs and environments. Whether it is a self-adhered or mechanically-attached underlayment, GCP has the products to keep the roof safe from the elements. In difficult to protect detail areas, such as windows and doors, we offer a line of flashings that can be used to fu​lly waterproof and protect the home. In addition, GCP's line of weather barriers is second to none, and not only protects the home, but also increases the energy efficiency as well. By providing another layer of protection, our underlayments and weather resistive barriers keep the home comfortable and dry. By combining the roofing underlayments, weather barriers and flashings GCP is able to offer a full Weather Protection System.

GCP--and its predecessor company, Grace--has been the name contractors have trusted when building homes for almost 50 years. With a proven track record and high-quality products, GCP continues to be the leader in providing superior waterproofing and weather protection systems today. GCP has been striving to deliver new and innovative products to better protect homes from extreme weather. It began with Grace Ice and Water Shield® and continues today with Vycor® weather barrier systems. Whatever the next great improvement in residential weather protection is, you can count on GCP Applied Technologies to get the job done.

From the basement and foundation to the windows, doors and roof, GCP has you protected with high performance waterproofing and weather barriers. Build with GCP Weather Protection Systems and have the confidence that no matter what the weather condition is, your home, business and family are safely protected by GCP.  

Grace-branded documents

The familiar Grace brand will continue to appear on GCP documents until we complete our rebranding.  Until then, Grace-branded documents are accurate representations of GCP Applied Technologies products.


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Weather Resistive Barrier Sheets

With stricter air leakage code requirements and customers demanding higher energy efficiency, choosing the right of weather resistive barrier for residential houses is critically important. Learn more about the benefits of fully-adhered weather resistive barriers by watching this webinar from 30-year construction veteran, Mike Sloggatt, presented by Hanley Wood.