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Let Grace Bridge the Distances on International Construction Projects

 Working on projects across borders and continents has become a common and necessary practice in today's global environment. To make these projects perform successfully, it is critical to work with the right partner: one that has the products and the expertise to bridge differences in construction practices, regulatory requirements, and cultures.

Grace has a global specification team committed to ensure that projects in all countries run smoothly and receive full support and coordination from the conception of the specification to its execution. No matter the distance between you and your project, we can help.  Grace's team has developed relationships, infrastructure and knowledge of the complexities of construction practices in all regions around the world and offers a broad technology portfolio that provides solutions for:

  • Air Barriers for the Building Envelope
  • Architectural Concrete
  • Concrete Protection and Durability
  • Injection Materials 
  • Joints, Grouts and Mortars
  • Structural Steel Fire Protection
  • Waterproofing

Contact the Grace regional team leader below to fast track the success of your international project.

International Specifications Support

Alistair Macdonald
Director, Global Specifications
Tel: +1 303-588-5978

Asia Pacific

JI Kim
Based in Seoul, S. Korea
Tel: +82109498 6027

Australia & New Zealand

Vaughan Penny
Based in Queensland
Tel:+ 61 417 518 165


Bhaven Kothari
Based in Bangalore
Tel:+ 91 98 86 59818

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Mick Croake
Based in Slough, UK
Tel:+ 44 7808 635250

Rob Hossell
Based in Slough, UK
Tel:+ 44 7808 635168

Davide Terrone                                                                                Based in Dubai, UAE
Tel:+ 971 50 858 1923

North America

 Jim Falconer
Based in Boston, MA
Tel:+ 1 571-232-5723

Joe Balik
Based in Chicago, IL
Tel:+ 1 847-274-4855

John Ridgeway
Based in New York, NY
Tel:+ 1 917-750-6711

Vince Caserta
Infrastructure Specialist, Americas
Based in New York, NY
Tel:+ 1 -646-872-1378

Segment Capabilities

Grace has global reach and capabilities in a variety of construction segments


Grace offers a wide range of innovative products and fit for purpose solutions for all areas of the airport complex;  including tunnels, ramps, runways, parking structures, terminal buildings, etc. For almost 50 years, owners, architects, engineers and contractors have looked to Grace to provide the right solutions for their landmark airport projects. Grace combines historical performance, advanced technology and unparalleled support to furnish the correct solutions for its customers' needs.

Commercial Buildings

The world's leading architects, designers and contractors turn to Grace to supply them with the products and expertise they need to achieve excellence in design and construction;  from maximizing the useful life and improving the aesthetic appeal of landmark structures; to safeguarding below-grade building components; providing air, water and moisture protection to walls and roofs; and fireproofing the structural steel elements of a building. Not only are these qualities important to those who work with our products, but also valuable to our society to give them the safety and security to enjoy them longer.

Sports & Stadiums

Many world famous sports facilities rely on Grace's premium products to enhance structural performance and ensure many years of uninterrupted service. Grace has participated in the construction of a wide variety of sports complexes and stadiums: football, baseball, hockey, cricket, judo, swimming, golf, car, motorcycle, or horse racing, to name a few. Architects, designers and contractors choose Grace to solve their complicated problems; from providing structural durability and improving the aesthetic appeal of concrete structures; to waterproofing below-grade building components; providing air, water and moisture protection to walls and roofs; and fireproofing the structural steel elements of the building.

Arts & Education

Preserving and protecting cultural buildings, such as national museums, galleries, libraries, universities, theaters, etc. is critical. Not only are these buildings often pieces of artwork in their own right, but they also host the world's irreplaceable treasures and nations' heritage. These structures represent and carry the spirit of ancient as well as modern cultures and minds; they are also the symbols that many future generations would come to enjoy and appreciate.

Energy & Industrial Facilities

Heavy industrial facilities and energy plants require substantial capital investment in process equipment, design and construction. It is critical for owners of such structures that the entire building performs to highest standards to ensure the return on their capital investment, the long-term service life of their industrial complex and the safety of their workers. Additionally, owners require the best protection from contaminants, either in the external environment or as part of the industrial process.

Mass Transit

Water and moisture intrusion, structural and aesthetic deficiencies in concrete or inconsistencies in fire protection can cause significant damage to the Mass Transit infrastructure, resulting in high replacement costs, lost revenue, and serious disruption in travel. This is why designers from around the world turn to Grace Construction Products' solutions to protect these crucial elements of today's modern transportation environment for the life of the project. Designers often select Grace products to enhance the durability and sustainability of their projects.